ALL IN ONE service

Delivery left to your home delivery service.
Reliable and safe, reasonable price.

Big luggage purchased in Japan.
(Furniture and bed, refrigerator, washing machine, antique items etc) can also correspond.
It is our company's own service.

We will make export procedures easier.
You just send the goods I bought in Japan to our warehouse!

Calculation of customs work and customs duties, packing, decision of express company etc
There is no annoying thing.
After our member registration,
Just enter product size and weight at the time of product purchase, price etc.
Easy and reasonable price.
Automatically calculate the shortest delivery date and lowest price and match the shipping company.

"We will deliver in Japan quality"

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It corresponds from large to documents.

We handle international shipping such as major department stores in Japan.
Please use with confidence.

We will deliver the products of Japan "in Japan quality."

There are countries and regions that can be delivered to our warehouse within 3 days at the shortest after delivery.
* Days may take depending on circumsances such as time, climate, traffic etc.
Please note.

How to use

In the case of (Online or Travel)


1 : You look for products in a Japanese (online or real) stores.

(Before payment!)

Check the product size and packing size.


2 : Estimated by doorbell service.

Apply after confirming the international courier service fee.
Please fill in all the fields and order.

Estimate & Order


Specify the delivery destination as Andensen warehouse in japan.


3 : Make a payment for your (online or real) store shopping.

Doorbell service payment.


Leave the rest to us at the above steps. Deliver to your home!

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Estimate & Order

ペイパル|Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB

 Service name is "doorbell".

--- Example of use ---

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  • "When I went on a trip to Japan, I was fascinated by Japanese furniture and decided to purchase! With this service, furniture arrived home without worry. Great...."

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • "当我去日本旅行时,我被日本家具着迷并决定购买! 通过这项服务,家具无忧无虑地到家。 大。"

    Shanghai, China

  • "일본에 갔을 때 오사카에서 골동품 냉장고를 발견했습니다! 이 서비스 덕분에 구입했습니다. 나는 그것을 내 집으로 보냈다. 고맙습니다..."

    Seoul, South Korea

  • "在日本拍賣網站購買汽車。由於這項服務,汽車從日本安全抵達我家。在那之後,我自己註冊了。"

    Hong Kong